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Level 2 Wiz Engineers

Length: 4 Weeks
Age: 11 - 14

Course Description

Turn left, turn right, move around the obstacle and follow my hand. The goal of this level is to make a new robot that is smarter and can understand the environment around. 

Sensors and motors and everything nice! 

Course Topics

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Motor and Movements
Sensors making your robot smart
Distance formulas
LED testing

And much more

Xu G, Parent

The teachers are very dedicated in teaching and ensures that all the kids understand robotics and programming. I definitely appreciate the teachers helping my son!

From programming to hardware design. I've been looking for a course for my son to develop his engineering passion. Thank you. 

Lucy L, Parent


Completion of Level 1


Created with ♥ from Team Wizrobotics

Understanding of Logics + Programming


Troubleshooting Arduino Board